Annual Report

The annual report is a summary of an entire fiscal year (July-June for us). You'll find information about what our goals and accomplishments were, as well as some financial results. It's a good read for anyone who's invested in the co-op.

2022 Annual Report ** NEW! **

Patronage Refunds

In case you missed the link on the Membership page, you can learn more about patronage here

Erie Food Co-op Board Documents

The bylaws are used to guide the board's actions and decisions.
EFC Bylaws (Rev. 2021)

The policy register dictates how the board operates, their relationship with the CEO/GM, and what they expect from individual holding this role.
EFC Policy Register (Rev. 2021)

Equity Refunds

If you move away or decide for another reason that you would like your equity investment refunded, please print and fill out the following form then drop it off or mail it in. Your request will be approved at the next Board of Directors meeting and a check will be mailed out to you promptly.
Equity Refund Form

Boycott Policy

Our department managers and buyers make product decisions based on the values and standards outlined in our Product Statement. Occasionally there may be products or companies that a member-owner feels does not match our stated values. Erie Food Co-op strives to be transparent in our purchasing decisions and interested in the needs of our member-owners. For this reason we have a boycott policy in place to provide an avenue for member-owners to express their concerns, as well as steps for our department managers and buyers to consider these concerns.

For Member-Owners

The first step in the process is to fill out a product/company inquiry request with our Customer Service department. This form will serve as a request for our department managers to look into a specific company or product that may be in violation of our product statement. We will also request your contact information so that we can contact you with questions and/or resolutions.

For Department Managers

Once an inquiry request is received, the product will be reviewed against our product standards. If the product is in line with our stated values, an attempt should be made to ensure consumer choice is available (within reasonable cost and accommodation). In the case that a product does not meet our values, the product will be removed. We will strive to find a suitable resolution for the issue within 30 days of the receipt of complaint.

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