What is the Food For All Program?

Food for All was established to help folks in our community have access to healthy food, regardless of their economic status.

Our LEMon Fund (Limited Equity Monetary Fund) was created with equity funds from our inactive members. The Co-op will cover 75% of your equity investment so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of membership with a more manageable initital investment.

LIMe (Limited Income Membership) Program was created to help those folks in the community that face the biggest economic challenges a little extra help to afford healthy foods. Those that are approved for this program will receive an additional 10% off on all of their purchases at the Co-op. LIMe is funded through the generous donations from our members and shoppers when they choose to “round up” their purchases or donate their reusable bag credits at checkout.

LEMon Logo

Our LEMon (Limited Equity Monetary) fund exists to create a positive impact for our neighbors who need the most support to access healthy food. Former memberowners whose equity has lapsed help to fund the Coop’s payment of 75% of eligible member-owner’s equity payment.

LIMe Logo

Our LIMe (limited income membership) program provides eligible member-owners with a standard discount of 10% on all items except gift cards, promotional products, and equity. The discount is funded through the donation made by fellow member-owners and customers at checkout via bag credits and the round up program.