A New Venture for 2018: The Whole Foods Co-op Goes Mobile!

A New Food Truck for Erie
By: Justin Tapper, Food Truck Manager | 2017-11-01

First and foremost, I am overjoyed and thrilled to have the opportunity to start such an endeavor as a food truck for our Co-op. While it is exciting, I have quickly come to realize how big of an undertaking this business is turning out to be. For a person who has come from grinding it out in kitchens most of my life, I find the new skills I am learning through starting up a food truck, to be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. After all, there is no real script for this venture in Erie. That being said, I have really had to put my creative prowess to the test to create something new and different for the Erie food scene. With the help of our Marketing Manager, Heidi, our General Manager, LeAnna, and other various team members within the Co-op, I am confident that we will create a memorable mobile food experience powered through the Co-op's vision to make a stronger community through local sourcing and healthy food alternatives.

At this stage of an ever evolving process, I am pleased to announce that we have a theme for the truck, and what I believe to be a revolving menu idea that will bring to fruition the ideas and visions of The Whole Foods Co-op. After a few weeks of toiling over names and themes, Heidi came up with a brilliant name: “SorcERIE”; I loved it from the moment she brought me the idea. It will have more than one meaning within the title. One of them being the locally-sourced values we hold so dear at The Co-op, which lead to the acronym Serving Organic Regional Cuisine. Another involving the name of our beloved city. And last, but not least, the vivid imagery that comes along with the magical feels you get when you have amazing, inspiring, delicious, and healthy food.

Moving into a new era of eating, cooking, and sourcing healthy food, we quickly realized there was a void in the mobile food world of Erie that needed filled. We will provide Naan Bread Pizzas of all varieties, and do our absolute best to meet the requirements of special dietary needs through a fun and incredibly versatile vessel such as pizza. We will continue to work on and refine our vision of the food truck to bring you what we believe will be a refreshing and genuine representation of The Whole Foods Co-op and all of our amazing customers and supporters. We can’t wait to share this wanderful magic with you! We looking forward to casting a spell on your taste buds in the spring of 2018!